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A colonoscopy is the examination of the large bowel and distal part of the small bowel using an endoscope, which is a tube with a camera that allows us to look for problems. This gives us a visual picture of your large intestine and allows us to look for polyps which may become malignant and become colon cancer if not removed.

When to get this done

A diagram of a colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is also a tool to diagnose conditions of the colon such as inflammatory bowel disease, diverticular disease, bleeding conditions and unexplained diarrhea. Screening colonoscopy begins at age 50 for low-risk individuals and earlier for individuals with a family history of colon cancer or a genetic predisposition. Both men and women should have this done.

However, if you are experiencing any problems, you should schedule a diagnostic colonoscopy regardless of your age or how long it has been since your last one. If you have a gastrointestinal hemmorage, any unexplained changes in your bowel habit and any suspicion of a malignancy. If you have Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS) or suspect that you do, we can diagnose this through the use of a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is also used in diagnosing diverticulitis.


We will ask that you limit your intake of high-fiber foods for a few days before the procedure and the day before the colonoscopy, you will follow a bowel cleansing regimen to be taken the day before the procedure.

We perform all colonoscopies in either a certified ambulatory center or outpatient hospital site center. We work with highly skilled certified gastroenterology nurses and anesthesiologists.

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